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Orchids make up the largest family of flowering plants in the world, with about 25,000 species. In Florida there are 118 species of orchids, 106 being truly native species according to Paul Martin Brown (Wild Orchids of Florida). Most are listed as either endangered or threatened with their diminishing habitats ranking as the number one reason for declines. They generally have ultra-complex life histories, making them highly specialized and fascinating; adding to their intriguing beauty.
Ghost Orchid-17Ghost Orchid-1Ghost Orchid-2Ghost Orchid-3Ghost Orchid-4Ghost Orchid-5Ghost Orchid-6Ghost Orchid-7Ghost Orchid-8Ghost Orchid-9Ghost Orchid-10Ghost Orchid-11Ghost Orchid-12Ghost Orchid-13Ghost Orchid-14Ghost Orchid-15Ghost Orchid-16Ghost Orchid-18Pollinating Ghost OrchidGhost Orchid Seed Capsule